How do I find your facility?

Fountain Valley Skating Center is conveniently located off the 405 freeway and Magnolia in the city of Fountain Valley, CA (Click below for Directions)


9105 Recreation Circle
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Do you offer Wi-Fi access?

Yes, we are a Spectrum Hot Spot! Log onto “Spectrum Wifi” and enjoy access for 30 minutes. After the free 30 minutes you must log in and follow the prompts on your browser.

Signing In is Easy
  1. Enable WiFi on your device
  2. Select SpectrumWiFi or CableWiFi network name
  3. Open your browser
  4. Sign in with your Spectrum username

Do you offer lockers to store my personal items?

We offer single use lockers to place individual items. Approximate
locker sizes are 12”x 15” and 12”x 18”. If you should encounter an
issue or need assistance, please speak with the manager on duty.


If I am only coming inside the building, but will not be skating, do I still have to pay admission?

Everyone entering the building, including parents watching their children, must pay admission while we are under the COVID-19 Tier system.

Am I allowed to bring foods or drinks into the skating facility?

We have an extensive Snack Bar and vending machines to suit every patron. We ask that you do not bring in ANY foods. Only water is permitted.

Do you offer a discount for large groups of people?

We consider a “Group” to be over 10 people who must ALL be
present at time of entrance and paid in a SINGLE transaction. The
breakdown is as follows:
10+ people receive $0.25 off per person
25+ people receive $0.50 off per person
50+ people receive $0.75 off per person
100+ people receive $1.00 off per person

Do you offer pre-paid or membership program?

Yes we offer prepaid memberships available in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or a full year. Inquire at the front box office or speak with  a manager on duty.

What is the age requirement for skating at Fountain Valley Skating Center?

There is no set age or ability required for our regular public sessions.* We carry skates from toddler size 8 to adult men’s 16. We also offer plastic and Velcro skates that are placed over toddler’s street shoes.

*There are skate sessions that ARE AGE SPECIFIC. To avoid any confusion please check the schedule and session information or call 714- 847-0022


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept most forms of payment. We accept Cash. Visa.
MasterCard, Discover, American Express, as well as our convenient
FVSC Gift Cards available for purchase during operating hours.

Do you have an ATM Machine?

Yes, we have an ATM machine conveniently located directly to the left once you enter the facility. We do NOT accept personal or company checks at any time. Please utilize our card payment options or ATM machine.

Do you accept personal or company checks?

Sorry, we do not accept checks of any kind.


Do you have a shop that sells skates and equipment?

Yes. We carry all major brands of skates and equipment. We also have a full service repair shop for any problem you have with your skates.

Do you have inline skates for rent?

Unfortunately, we do not offer inline roller-blades. We do however
offer traditional quad roller-skates.

What size skates do you have to rent?

We offer plastic and Velcro skates that are secured to toddler sized tennis shoes. We also carry Juvenile size 8 skates up to Men’s size 16 quad roller-skates.

Am I allowed to use my own skates?

Yes! Bringing your own skates is encouraged. If you do not currently own a personal pair of roller skates we do sell figure skates, derby/speed skates as well as make custom shoe skates. Inquire at the front box office or with the manager on duty for more information. Heelys, broken skates and skate deemed unsafe are not permitted within the facility.


Do you sell food? What do you have?

At Fountain Valley Skating Center we have fully stocked vending machines with various snacks and cold drinks. Within our Snack Bar we prepare and serve:


  • Pizza (cheese and pepperoni) by the slice or whole pizza.
  • Hot Dogs
  • Chicken Tenders 3 pcs
  • Hot Wings 3 pcs
  • Nachos
  • Waffle Fries
  • Popcorn
  • Pretzels
  • Churros
  • Cotton Candy
  • Fountain Drinks
  • Root Beer Float
  • Polar Chill
  • Dippin Dots
  • Soft Serve (cone or sundae)


Do you sell alcohol?

FVSC is a drug and alcohol-free facility. There is no alcohol to be
sold, served or consumed on the FVSC premises. Those intoxicated
or appearing to be under the influence will be asked to vacate the
premises immediately.


Can I rent the facility privately for my party?

Yes. We offer private parties. Please call (714) 847-0022 for more details.

If I don’t schedule a party, can I still bring in a cake and presents?

No. Birthday party’s MUST be booked in advance. You will not be
allowed to enter the facility with any outside foods including

I want to have my birthday party at FVSC, how soon should I schedule it in?

FVSC is a phenomenal place to host your birthday party. With that being said, many patrons like to book months in advance or host their annual events and ensure they are booked months in advance. We aim to accommodate all the needs of all our patrons but encourage you to book a date as soon as it crosses your mind. There is a nonrefundable deposit fee required when booking your party. That deposit will be credited to your party the day of your scheduled party.

Do you require a deposit to book a birthday party?

All parties require a nonrefundable deposit that will be credited to
your party the day of your event.

Can I purchase my cake or cupcakes from you?

We ask that you bring your own cake/cupcakes. Our party hostesses will cut and serve your cake when it is your table time. We do not have the ability to store or keep ice cream cakes.


Do you offer skating lessons?

Yes! We offer public skating lessons on Saturday mornings. We have a full staff of highly trained skating coaches for all levels of skating. These classes are for all ages and skating abilities. Please visit our Lessons page to see all the opportunities to skate. We also offer private skating lessons throughout the week. Please call (714) 847-0022 for more information.

If my child does not skate well, may I accompany them on the floor?

During most afternoon skating session this is permitted. As an alternative, we offer Skate-Mate skating trainers as well, available for use during a single session for $5. This allows the skater to gain confidence and balance, without having to be held up by mom or dad. We require slower moving skaters and parents walking with child to stay alongside the carpeted walls for safety reasons.

Am I allowed to push a stroller on the rink while I skate?

There are certain sessions where it is not a problem, although it is good to check with the Manager before taking stroller on to floor.

What happens during a normal skating session?

Most skating sessions include open skating and special numbers based on the age and ability of the crowd. Some events include, but are not limited to: All Boys/Girls skate, Dice Game, Red Light-Green Light, Races, Hokey Pokey, and the Cha-Cha Slide.

What kind of music do you play? Can I make a song request?

We have a music library that is continuously updated with all the new hits. Our session’s music content will vary with the crowd. Typically, afternoon sessions are geared more towards families and children, whereas evening sessions will feature music appropriate to teens and adults. We offer a session for all types of skaters, inquire at the box office.

What is the size of the skating floor? What is it made of?

Our skating floor is 175’ x 80’.  It is made of maple planks, covered with a clear roller skate floor coating.


What kind of games do you have in the arcade?

We have all your favorites!! Winners Cube. Big Bass Wheel Pro. Duck Catcher. Whack Win. Crossy Road. Slam a Winner. SpongeBob SquarePants Pineapple Arcade. Speed Demon. Willy Crash. Air Hockey & Ice Ball.

Does the arcade take tokens or quarters?

Our arcade and redemption center has recently been
updated to include an electronic Players Card. This card stores
Credits and “Tickets” earned. Visit our game kiosk for special deals,
player accounts and further information.