Do we have to wear helmets and protective gear?

We do not require you to wear helmets or protective gear, but you are more than welcome to wear your own. However, we do not have any protective gear for sale or rental at the facility.


Do you offer Wi-Fi access?

Yes, we are a Spectrum Hot Spot! Log onto “Spectrum Wifi” and enjoy access for 30 minutes. After the free 30 minutes you must log in and follow the prompts on your browser.

Signing In is Easy
  1. Enable WiFi on your device
  2. Select SPECTRUM FREE TRIAL network name
  3. Open your browser
  4. Sign in with your Spectrum username

If you are a Spectrum customer you can login to your account using the SPRECTRUM network, enter your login credentials, and use wifi with no restrictions while in the facility.


Do you offer lockers to store my personal items?

We offer single use lockers for .75 cents to place individual items. Approximate
locker sizes are 12”x 15” and 12”x 18”. If you should encounter an
issue or need assistance, please speak with the manager on duty.