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Class Descriptions

Show Class

Class Fee: $5

Requirements: Skaters must be in level 3 or higher. Skates are required. Bring: skates and water

Description: Skaters get to express themselves through skating, while learning new individual and team maneuvers. Skaters will learn fun footwork segments and short creative routines.

Workout Class

Class Fee: $5

Requirements: All are welcome. Skates are not required. Bring: tennis shoes, water, and a small towel

Description: This class is designed to build coordination, strength, balance, and flexibility. Skaters that have a “strong side” and a “weak side” are encouraged to take this class in order to balance their muscle strength and flexibility.

Freestyle Class

Fee: $5

Requirements: Skaters must be in Level 4, Jr. Club, or Sr. Club. Knowledge of edges, basic jumps and spins required.

Description: Skaters will learn/review the fundamentals of all basic jumps and spins in a group class setting. Class is conducted with warm ups, short lectures, and short performances in front of the class. There will be an emphasis on how to be a “good sport” during both practice and competition. The goal of this class is to produce both physically and mentally enduring and healthy athletes.


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